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A company for courier transports and transports across Europe is founded by Thomas Sluis.

A regular service for transport to Great Britain was established in 1991. From now on we specialiszes in the transport of temperature controlled and dangerous goods with special vehicles.


Moving into the new-built forwarding and dangerous goods warehouse in Linderhauser Street. The storage capacity is increased to 2000 m². One is now concerned with logistic transport transactions, too.


In order to optimize the temperature-controlled transports the first self-designed articulated trailer is produced and used: an articulated trailer with cooling and the possibility to load and unload from both sides. The transports spread out over the whole of Europe.


The capacity is not sufficient any longer. “In der Fleute 150” a new forwarding building and a new dangerous goods storehouse is built. The entire company moves as well. A storage area of 3000 m² comes into being – 1500 m² of this is storage of dangerous goods.


In addition, the warehouse “In der Fleute 126” is taken over. A storage capacity of altogether 6000 m² comes into being. A new cold storage depot of about 10°C for chemical goods is erected containing a floor space of 1000 m². After a very successful test period of the self-designed special articulated trailers the car pool is enhanced by 8 new sliding door units. Scheduled services are introduced for our Sweden traffic.


 We are integrating a Quality Management System in our company and are certified according to DIN ISO 9002 in December.


In our existing Quality Management System the Environmental Management System is integrated, we are now also certified as per ISO 14001. At the same time the old norm ISO 9002 has to be dissolved, and the new norm 9001:2000 is worked in and certified. We are now a, after ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, SQAS-examined company and offer highest quality standards.


Relocation and expansion to Schwelm. In addition to a high-bay warehouse and the expansion of our storage facilities, our number of employees has increased to 85.


Founding of Thomas Sluis Slovakia S.R.O. with its headquarter in East Slovakia in Kosice.

In the following year, the Sluis SK warehouse in Rosina is opened with 5000 storage spaces for dangerous goods. "



With the purchase of the warehouse at the former location In der Fleute 126 in Wuppertal, we have further 3000m² of storage space for chemical goods . The facility was completely modernized and equipped with 10 new loading ramps and 30 parking spaces.


Start of construction of another warehouse with a total area of ​​3000m² for the storage of up to 5500 pallets of chemical goods according to WHG(water resources act, local regulations).
The Warehouse has 5 loading ramps.
Completion of the new deep-freeze warehouse with a capacity of 400 spaces for storing chemical goods up to -30 ° C.


Completion of our warehouse with automatic radio shuttle technology. Equipped with the latest fire extinguishing and operating technology.

The warehouse offers 5,000 Euro pallets a safe storage space and a generous, spacious ramp area with 5 loading terminals.


After a change in permit the warehouse, which was once built for chemical goods according to the WHG, will become a warehouse for toxic materials as well for Flammable liquids.