Sluis Slovakia S.R.O
Puste 848
SK 01011 Rosina

In January 2007, Thomas Sluis Slovakia S.R.O. with its headquarters in eastern Slovakia in Kosice has been founded.

The logistics center as well as the fleet terminal is located in north-west Slovakia in Zilina. (Rosina) Zilina has changed over the past few years
developed into a very important economic center and has been home to a Kia automobile plant since 2004. For the Kia automobile plant
we also deliver "just in time" and around the clock from various suppliers, as well as temperature controlled and dangerous goods transports. In addition to warehouse logistics (ADR storage), we also offer transports (Thermo & ADR) within Slovakia and throughout Europe.

The geographical location, with its proximity to the Czech Republic and Poland, make this location very attractive. Our ADR warehouse (air-conditioned) with a  A capacity of 900 tons and a total of 800 storage spaces offers enough options for storage and picking.

The logistics center "Zilina" is under the management of Mr. Michal Pastirak (German & English).

Contact persons

P. Kuzmiak


00421 - 55 6710-294

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M. BaláΕΎ

Managing Director

00421 55 6710-295

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M. Hanstein

Transport Business Manager

0049 (0)2336 - 474-133

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