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Our staff will be happy to help you under:
phone 02336-474-0
fax 02336 - 474-120
mail info(at)sluis.de

Our emergency contact

02336 474 272

We are certified according to

ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
and SQAS

Dangerous Goods Transports

All drivers of Thomas Sluis International Forwarding Agency possess an ADR certificate. The driving licence and the ADR certificate are checked twice a year by the Quality Management Commissioner. Because of regular exchange the vehicles are very young and equipped with newest retarder, cruise control and anti-lock braking system. Each vehicle has a folder with the current transport emergency cards in different languages. Twice a year an update is handed out. New drivers get a training (introduction of new driver colleagues). Each driver receives our own-created specified driver’s handbook providing all necessary information. The drivers are committed to carry out departure checks, i.e. examining the vehicle for external technical defects.

Our Quality Management Commissioner as well as our employees in charge of continuous route planning regularly control the vehicles for condition, equipment and cleanness. In order to increase attention or rather to avoid accidents the drivers obtain bonuses, e.g. for accident-free driving, regular departure checks, vehicle maintenance, etc. Since our drivers are permanently scattered throughout Europe it is very difficult “just” to do an audit with all drivers to talk about the latest information or to discuss problems. The solution of this problem lies in organizing two informal dinners for our drivers a year with yummy dishes and drinks or rather a cosy get-together where the newest information is spread, problems are discussed and suggestions for improvements are contributed. Urgent information for the drivers between the audits are generally handed out in written form to guarantee a perfect communication. 

Special Transports

Among other things, we have with all consequences switched to special transports. To our car pool belong, in our house self-designed, articulated trailers which can be loaded and unloaded from both sides and are additionally equipped with a cooling system.

We dispose of a Megaliner fleet (Jumbo vehicles) for our articulated trailers and swap bodies having an inner height of 3.00 m. Moreover, these special vehicles have a lifting roof for side-loading up to a height of 3.20 m. The swap bodies are 7.80 m long per unit. The total loading capacity contains 15.60 m.

Besides, thermal articulated trailers with double-deck loading system are utilized which have a loading capacity of 66 Euro pallets. For special transports of 1 to 3000 kg we use temperature-controlled (air-conditioned) pick-up trucks of the Mercedes Benz company.

In principle, all loading units of our car pool are able to be temperature-regulated.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact.