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Dangerous Goods Storage

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ADR/ GGVS (German Dangerous Goods Regulations for Road Transports)

At the location “Ruhrstrasse 54 - 60” our VbF depot (VbF = German Regulations for Inflammable Liquids) with a capacity of 1500 m² can be found. This warehouse is especially for storage of dangerous goods. Here, merchandise of the classes 3, 4, 5, and 8 of dangerous goods is stored in different chambers. For the safety of human beings and environment contracts with specifically skilled and competent companies were made in order to grant at any time that all necessary inspections of the technical appliances are regularly executed according to our internal and external legal regulations.

Everybody of our warehouse staff owns an ADR certificate as well as a forklift truck licence. Within the bounds of our Quality Management System regular audits are held where each warehouseman does not just take part in, but also collaborates on. The Management visits and controls the storerooms weekly. The topic training, respectively further education applies to the warehouse staff as well. Regularly, selected employees participate in external training courses, for example forwarding of dangerous goods by road, by air and by sea. In addition, internal training is carried out by the Dangerous Goods Commissioner. For the safety of our staff regular fire practice (practice alarm) takes place. This is practice without announcement, that means it is controlled and practised spontaneously, whether the entire personnel behaves correctly in case of fire. A direct technical connection to the fire brigade in Wuppertal was established, besides we are also in a very good personal contact. In an urgent case of triggering an alarm the fire brigade is informed directly, i.e. at the same time the alarm is triggered at the fire brigade. The fire brigade possesses all the safety data sheets for the goods stored in our warehouses. They are kept informed about nature and quantity of the stored merchandise at any time.

Unfortunately, this is temporarily only available in German:


Aufgrund der Anforderungen im Pulverlackbereich, Materialien mit einer konstanten Temperatur von 12- 15°C zu lagern, haben wir in unserem Hauptlager in Schwelm einen Lagerbereich errichtet wo bis zu 400 Container bzw. Palettenstellplätze mit dieser Temperatur gelagert werden können. Die Kühlanlagen laufen in einem 2 Kreis System, welche unabhängig voneinander die gewünschte Temperatur im Lager kühlen bzw. auch heizen können. Somit ist eine Garantie der Temperatur, von 12 – 15°C, bei einem Ausfall einer Kühlanlage immer Gewährleistet.


The whole storage is headed by our Chief Warehouse Keeper Mr Möller.

He is responsible for the dangerous goods storage (link ADR), the storage of temperature-regulated goods as well as the other warehouses for normal goods. He and his colleagues work in two shifts for permanent operation of
the storage plants.

The dangerous goods depot contains 1500 m², the air-conditioned rack storage offers 2000 pallet positions on 1000 m². The normal goods warehouse has a capacity of 3500 m². All warehouses are operated by most modern ground conveyer vehicles.